Anji joins 2015 5th Biotechnology and Green Technology Expo (2015/9/18~9/21, Tainan) Booth:A023-A025


The Biotechnology and Green Technology Expo hosted by the Tainan City Government will mark the fifth session this year. Driven by the policy of the City Government and will combined with the geographical advantages of the industrial cluster of biotechnology and green energy, the Expo provides an excellent marketing platform for displaying the high quality products and technologies of the city, enhances cooperation among businesses to bring about market opportunities for the operators and will shape Tainan into a major technology  hub for the development of the biotechnology and green power.


Basic information

Directed by:

◎Tainan City Government, Ministry of Economic Affairs (Bureau of Energy)

Organized by:

◎Bureau of Economic Development, Tainan City Government

Executed by:

◎Commercial Times, Want Want China Times Group

Taiwan Biotechnology Industry Alliance, Taiwan Green Technology Industry Alliance, Tinan Small and Medium Enterprises Service Group, Southern Taiwan Office of Million Top PVs Project


2015/9/18 Fri.~ 2015/9/20 Sun.       0930 - 1730

2015/9/21 Mon.~ 2015/9/20 Mon.   0930 - 1600


Transportation guide

Transportation and Map of the venue / By driving

Route 1 : To take National Highway No.1 (on the Zhongshan highway) , and exit the Tainan Rende Interchange east, move along Zhongsh an road (County Road 182) to the direction of Quy Nhon and Guanmiao about 1.5 km, toward Yi Lin Road and turn right at the intersection of Yilin Road, then go straight about 1.2 km and will arrive the exhibition center on the right side.

Route 2: To take the 86 Expressway about 10 km, and exit the Shanglun Interchange, move and follow the direction towards Yilin South Road, and then go straight on Yilin Road , and then exit the Interchange, then go about 3 km and will arrive the exhibition center

Route 3: To take National Highway No. 3, and exit the Guanmiao Interchange, move along Zhongshan road (County Road 182) and go straight to the direction of Tainan, toward Yilin Road about 4 km, then turn left go about 1.2 km and will arrive the exhibition center.

Mass transportation systems / By train
Tainan Station of High Speed TRA / About 10 minutes to the venue by taxi
Shalun Station of TRA / About 10 minutes to the venue by taxi


Exhibition areas

◎Government Image Area: government agencies (e.g. Ministry of Economic Affairs, Council of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Environmental Protection Administration, Ministry of Science and Technology or their units)

◎Innovative Area: Innovations of the industry, educational institutions, research institutions, innovation incubation centers.

◎International Industries Area: Overseas manufacturers, etc. 

◎Biotechnology Area:

Medical Equipment Section: rehabilitation equipment, therapy equipment, general medical aids, diagnostic equipment, medical detection equipment, etc.

Beauty and Healthcare Section: local beauty care products, fitness products, massage chairs ...... etc.

Health Food Section: health foods, etc.

◎Green Energy Area:

* Photovoltaic Section: solar panels, solar modules, etc.

* Energy Saving Section: LED-related bulbs, lamps, hydrogen electromagnetic products, ESCOs, smart grids, etc.

* EV Section: electric vehicles, motor vehicles, electric bikes, etc.

* Green Building Materials Section: latest environmentally friendly building materials.


 Expected effects

◎ The Expo is expected to lure more than 30,000 visits with total sales of more than $10 million expected for increased cooperation opportunities.

◎ Relevance to daily lives: The Expo will heighten the awareness of the general public on the biotechnology and green energy and increase their application of them.

◎ Opportunities of business expansion: The Expo will give impetus to the local industrial exhibitions to enhance industrial exchanges for improved profitability and competitiveness.

◎ Strengthening of the clusters: The Expo will bring about a clustering effect on the upstream, midstream and downstream operators of the biotechnology and green energy to fortify the industrial chain.

◎ Growth of the industries: The Expo will facilitate the development of biotech medical equipment and PV industries in southern Taiwan.

◎ Industrial innovation: The Expo will form a new trend for the indigenous biotechnology and green energy industries to shape a new LOHAS image of the city.