AC module

  • AC module
  • • Highly efficient cell product applied on professional module manufacturing technology
    • High quality 3.2mm solar glass and high loading capacity
    • 10 years product guarantee and 25 years performance guarantee
    • Appliced for wider areas like shading effects, easier for installing and monitoring
    • 100% quality check before shipment
    • Own lab for materials and reliability test for certificating module product to ensure the quality
6" Multi-Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic AC Modules
Module Type 
 Maximum Power (w)
 Number of cells (pcs)
ACP-M660 240-270 60(6×10) 1632×995×40



Module mad by Anji can be installed by several different means in various ways:

- House owner

- Industrial application

- On/Off grid

- Stand along unit use


1. Roof Type Installation

2. Standing Type Installation